Saturday, June 18, 2011

Better day yesterday - for us anyway

The fire didn't spread very much yesterday. Whereas the day before it almost doubled in size. Thursday it had gone from 10,000 acres to 18,000 then yesterday it spread to just above 19,000. The wind never really hit it and so it was a pretty calm day although the fire is still only 15% contained.
We have been evacuated since Thursday. We are moving into a hotel this afternoon so at least we will have a TV and swimming pool to help fill up the time. We have been having to eat out so much and are now broke so we will be going to the shelter that's been set up for lunch and dinner.

There was another fire started on Post - it quickly spread to 2,400 acres and forced evacuations of about 100 homes, a daycare and an elementary school. Luckily, it was contained fairly quickly and those people got to go back home. They are blaming it on a bulldozer that hit a rock and sparked. It's so dry!

Wind is supposed to be very strong for the next two days and then dying down on Monday. The fire is still directly across from my house and wind is blowing east/northeast. Our house is still not safe for a few more days.

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