Monday, June 6, 2011

VLCD 21 - Stall

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 173.5 (stall, total of 15 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I cheated again - 2 days in a row. It's very difficult for me not to cheat. I know I could pack food to take with me or just tell people I'm on a diet. Last night there was a party directly after church for my Pastor and his wife for their anniversary. The night before that my daughter had an Art Show where there was lots of cookies and brownies. So I did good during the day both days but cheated each evening. I try not to over do it when I cheat but its hard - especially when it comes to cookies and brownies!
I did buy a dieter's tea at Walmart. I was having "issues" and although this tea didn't say so on the outside of the package I thought it might help. I have had 1 cup every evening for the last 2 days and it is definitely helping with the "issues". I think it has even helped me NOT to gain with the cheating. The only thing I don't like about it is it makes my tummy rumble a bit throughout the day - especially when drinking water or anything else. It's called Zendo Dieter's Tea and cost about $3 if you're interested.
Now that it is Monday I will get back to my diet. Dieting during the week is so much easier than on the weekend.
BTW - I appreciate all the comments you guys leave but I am still having a problem with Blogger. It won't keep me signed in and therefore I can't post any replies. It's driving me crazy! Once they get it fixed I will reply to your comments once again. Thanks!

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