Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still not home

Our home is fine. In fact the fire burned all around it and hit the street next to us and burned a lot of houses from there on. God was watching over us.

Firefighters ripped our porch off the house in an effort to save our house in case the fire reached it. The roof overhangs the porch so the roof is falling off with the porch. They also sprayed our rose bushes down with some kind of retardant that made them look like they were covered in ice. There is smoke damage on the outside of the house. The inside smells like ash and there is ash on all the windowsills inside.
We have had a lot of trouble reaching our insurance agent. I've been trying for a week to get a hold of him and he won't call me. I've even spoken with his supervisor and everyone keeps telling me they are working on getting him to call me. I can't deal with any one else. I have been told not to move anything in and I can't move in until they send an adjuster out to assess the damage. So, I have had to extend my hotel stay another 5 days, thankfully they had rooms available.
I requested a new agent yesterday and I am supposed to hear from them today. I would really like to go home.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I hate not knowing

We had a couple of good days even with the high winds. Until yesterday. It crossed over the highway again and it burned a restaurant, bar and store at our intersection. We heard rumors of it being near our house on three sides but we don't know anything for sure. Hopefully later today we will know.
We had some friends live with us for a few months in December. We are all pretty sure their house is now gone. Luckily they were renting and they had renters insurance so everything they lose will be paid for. They also won't know for some time.
Fire is still spreading but winds have finally died down to a manageable level for the firefighters. They have called in the National Guard to help us with road blocks, etc. People are getting pretty crazy. One guy was arrested for ramming a police vehicle and running over a Border Patrol agent and almost hitting 2 others. He was trying to get to his mother. Law Enforcement did go check on her but he went to jail.

Last night

 The restaurant near my house

 Our housing area is on the left side of this photo - up near the fire

We have been going to the shelter to eat. We ran out of money early in the week from eating out. People are blessing us by sending us money and the shelter has been so amazing! They have given us food, free passes to a swimming pool for the kids and even a gift card to Walmart to buy them suits. Restaurants from all over town have been donating food to the shelter so we are well fed!

I would like to apologize to my followers and others that have come here to look for info on hCG. I have not been doing the diet for the last week. In fact my hCG is at home and I can not even get close to my home right now with the evacuation in place. This fire has taken over my life and even if I did have the hCG with me I am having to eat whatever they have at the shelter.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Better day yesterday - for us anyway

The fire didn't spread very much yesterday. Whereas the day before it almost doubled in size. Thursday it had gone from 10,000 acres to 18,000 then yesterday it spread to just above 19,000. The wind never really hit it and so it was a pretty calm day although the fire is still only 15% contained.
We have been evacuated since Thursday. We are moving into a hotel this afternoon so at least we will have a TV and swimming pool to help fill up the time. We have been having to eat out so much and are now broke so we will be going to the shelter that's been set up for lunch and dinner.

There was another fire started on Post - it quickly spread to 2,400 acres and forced evacuations of about 100 homes, a daycare and an elementary school. Luckily, it was contained fairly quickly and those people got to go back home. They are blaming it on a bulldozer that hit a rock and sparked. It's so dry!

Wind is supposed to be very strong for the next two days and then dying down on Monday. The fire is still directly across from my house and wind is blowing east/northeast. Our house is still not safe for a few more days.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scary day!

I thought for sure our home and entire town were toast today. We were under pre-evacuation orders - meaning "be ready". We moved out more stuff and while we were loading stuff into a storage shed in town it got really bad. We went back to get another load and there was thick, black smoke everywhere. Then some friends called and said the radio was saying the fire was going to jump the highway in 20 minutes. We bolted! 5 minutes later the fire jumped. The entire town (Hereford) was so covered in smoke I thought for sure it was all gone.
Hours later, we found out our home is fine and so is our neighborhood. The fire came within less than 3 miles though. Many homes were lost on the one side of the highway but none on our side of the highway.
So far no one has been injured.
Tomorrow is another day - 35 mph winds.

So far so good

They evacuated up to but not including our street yesterday. They evacuated the opposite side of the road. Today the winds are supposed to be 30mph with 35mph gusts and blowing towards our house. The fire would have to jump a five lane highway and travel about 1/2 mile to get to my house. Could happen but it's looking like it won't.
Even though they didn't evacuate us we still left and stayed with our Pastor. They are asking for people to evacuate early if possible. I am back home - I like to see what is going on first hand because there are hourly updates on the radio and updates on the local newspaper's internet site but the updates are not very good. The radio updates are the same every hour and don't really give any info and the website is pretty sporadic on when they post an update. I will stay here until I am kicked out or it starts looking too bad.
The fire yesterday and today are on a mountain directly across from my house - maybe a mile away.
Life is kind of at a stand still right now for us. Nothing to do but sit and wait.
Last night.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monument Fire Day 4

This picture is taken less than 2 miles from my house.

We were pretty worried the fire would jump the highway. The fire was on the opposite side of the highway from us and if it jumped then we were definitely in danger. Well, it did jump. There was an elementary school where the fire crews had set up their HQ. They were sleeping in the gym, had tables set up under a large tent and many emergency vehicles. Once the fire jumped the highway (even though they had done some backburning to prevent this) the school was surrounded on 3 sides with 30ft high flames. Planes were literally dropping Slurry (fire retardant) on top of the school and the equipment. Needless to say HQ has moved to a different school now. As far as I know the school is fine and no people have been hurt thus far. The fire on this side of the highway was contained and put out -as far as I know. Also, I have heard 65 homes have been lost but that is a rumor that has not been confirmed.
Winds are supposed to pick up today from 5-10 mph (yesterday) to 15mph and up to 25 mph tomorrow. We are not out of the clear yet.
We did get everything out that we wanted/needed so if we are forced to evacuate I don't have to grab anything first.
For some reason things start happening about 1pm everyday. I guess because its the hottest part of the day and the wind starts picking up. I am nervous to see what happens today. My husband has been going to work and just relying on me to watch things and get out when we need to. I am thankful we were able to come back home last night. Police had the HWY blocked off at our intersection. They are still down there but it looks like they are letting people through.
It's a strange feeling. I want to stay in my house until I am told to get out. I don't really care if it burns down - I have my family, pets and pictures and other things of importance out of the house (or will have when needed). But I feel like I want to stay until I HAVE to go.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chaotic Day!

The fires got really close today. Or so it seemed. The smoke was so thick I call my husband and told him he needed to come home. We threw all of our important stuff into our vehicles and then went and helped some friends do the same. I attended a town hall meeting and their saying with the conditions right now it could be really bad. Winds are supposed to get up to 15 mph tomorrow and 25 mph thursday.
We haven't been evacuated yet. We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Monument Fire

I have not been doing the diet for the last few days. A fire started Sunday about 10-15 miles away from our house and we began gathering important things (pictures, papers, etc) and loading them up. We didn't know if this would affect us or not but we wanted to be prepared. That same night my son started vomiting and then my 3 year old woke up from a nap with a fever and started vomiting too. I had to stay home from church was good because I could watch the fire and the news to know if we needed to evacuate.
I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was cleaning everything and eating whatever I wanted. I was a nervous wreck! But then I think everyone was.
Today (Tuesday) the fire is still going. It has burned 3700 acres so far. Last I heard it was still 0% contained but they have been doing some back burning which is working. It is coming towards us but I think we will be safe. They are working on keeping the fire in the mountains and if they can succeed at this we will be ok. But if the fire hits the ground we may be S.O.L. I'm really not sure they can contain this - if they can it will take days. 
They believe the fire started about 300 yards into Mexico near Smuggler's Ridge (tell you anything!). We have had helicopters and planes flying overhead since Sunday working on putting it out but they can only work during the day. 
I don't know when I will get back on the diet. I am enjoying eating what I want and feeling good. But I don't want to lose too much ground either.  

As of last night.

Friday, June 10, 2011


starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 172 (2 lb loss, total of 16.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

A loss! Woohoo! And a 2 lb loss at that! Yay! Thank you Jesus!
I was very good yesterday - stuck to protocol (for the most part) - I was a little rogue. I ate a small Caesar salad with a small bit of chicken on it, a little Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing - just enough to give it some flavor, 5 strawberries and for dinner a hamburger patty, regular ketchup, and five more strawberries. That's all I had all day. I have also been using my beloved Sweet-n-Low. Not a lot - maybe a packet a day, and I use one packet of crystal light to 24 oz of water every day.
Hoping to stick to it again today. We are having people over tonight and I am making tostadas and they are bringing dessert. I know I can have just the lettuce and meat with a bit of low fat sour cream (I've had sour cream many times) and some Tapatio. The dessert may be the hard part. Maybe I will make some sf/ff pudding.
I would still like to do an apple day too just to see if I can get another good jump on the weight loss. I'm just not too fond of apples - especially after starting this diet. But I know I could do it, but when is the question - maybe tomorrow.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I can FINALLY post replies to your comments!
Thanks for your encouragement.
I know I need to stick to protocol better and my cheating has caught up with me......Dang it! :)

Still stalling

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 174 (.5 lb gain, total of 15 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I am getting frustrated. I have been reading though, and know lots of people go through long stalls and plateaus. I don't know how long I can wait before I give up. I am very anxious to reach 170 though. I tried a steak day yesterday. I did great but didn't lose anything! AND I had diarrhea all day! And still no loss!?
I upped my hCG to 1 full mL! I was hungry all the time, grouchy, yelling at my poor kids. I felt sorry for them. I was nervous about upping it once again because I have read that too much hCG can make you hungry the same as too little can make you hungry. However, I made a mistake the last time I mixed it and accidentally added in 1 mL too much of the Coloidal Silver. Anyway, the 1 mL did great! I wasn't hungry during the steak day - my stomach growled a couple of times for a few minutes but it went away. I took some Excedrin with dinner and therefore was able to stave off a headache I felt coming on. It was a great day - too bad it didn't do anything!
I know you aren't suppose to do a steak day in P2 but I read (I know I keep saying that) that it works for some people so I thought what the heck. If I stall again today maybe tomorrow I will try an apple day. I really don't feel like I can eat apples all day long though. I am pretty sick of them already.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VLCD 22 - Plateau?

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 173.5 (stall, total of 15 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I was good yesterday so I don't know what is going on. I guess if I stall again tomorrow I will start experimenting with protein shakes or something - blech! I hate the way those things taste. I'm sure they would be better with milk - but with water - blech! I am anxious  to get below 170.  I am still pretty happy to be where I am though.
I had a thought yesterday (yay me!). I began thinking that this diet is supposed to help me learn to eat better. Instead I am all the time cheating. But you know what - I don't feel bad about that. If I have to be taking hCG on and off for the rest of my life I'm ok with that. I enjoy food and I go to so many church functions where there is food it would be almost impossible to eat veggies and lean protein 24/7. I do think I will watch what I eat more and that this diet has taught me that - but I still want to eat the things I enjoy. Sorry if anyone disagrees.

Monday, June 6, 2011

VLCD 21 - Stall

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 173.5 (stall, total of 15 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I cheated again - 2 days in a row. It's very difficult for me not to cheat. I know I could pack food to take with me or just tell people I'm on a diet. Last night there was a party directly after church for my Pastor and his wife for their anniversary. The night before that my daughter had an Art Show where there was lots of cookies and brownies. So I did good during the day both days but cheated each evening. I try not to over do it when I cheat but its hard - especially when it comes to cookies and brownies!
I did buy a dieter's tea at Walmart. I was having "issues" and although this tea didn't say so on the outside of the package I thought it might help. I have had 1 cup every evening for the last 2 days and it is definitely helping with the "issues". I think it has even helped me NOT to gain with the cheating. The only thing I don't like about it is it makes my tummy rumble a bit throughout the day - especially when drinking water or anything else. It's called Zendo Dieter's Tea and cost about $3 if you're interested.
Now that it is Monday I will get back to my diet. Dieting during the week is so much easier than on the weekend.
BTW - I appreciate all the comments you guys leave but I am still having a problem with Blogger. It won't keep me signed in and therefore I can't post any replies. It's driving me crazy! Once they get it fixed I will reply to your comments once again. Thanks!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 173.5 (lost 1.5 lbs, total of 15 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

15 lbs lost in 20 days. Not too shabby.
I wanted to cheat so bad yesterday. But I am so anxious to keep losing weight. I ate 2 oreos, about 3 marshmallows (the big ones) and a couple of graham crackers. And I still lost 1.5 lbs? Unbelieveable! I was praying so hard to still lose even though I ate all that junk. I certainly wasn't expecting 1.5 lbs! Thank you Jesus! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mini Milestone

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 175 (lost 1 lb, total of 13.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I hit a mini milestone today. Today I weigh 175 lbs. I haven't weighed 175 in 3 years (since I had my youngest daughter)! I am excited to finally be back at this weight. And even more excited to surpass it. My next mini goal will be to weigh under 170.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back on track

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 176 (lost 1.5 lbs, total of 12.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I am lost on what day it is anymore. I fasted one day and ate whatever I wanted for dinner which included a double cheeseburger, small fries and a couple pieces of pizza and Dr. Pepper. I still lost half a pound. The next day (my hubby decided we would fast only one day instead of two) I was very good. I ate cottage cheese and an apple for lunch, lettuce and hamburger meat with some low fat sour cream for dinner and some sf/ff pudding, and a piece of dark chocolate. I lost 1.5 lbs. :)
I have decided that I will continue to cheat because I do not feel that I could stick to this diet if I didn't. My cheating this last week set me back quite a bit but I was still down 10 lbs. I am so pleased with that! However, I decided I will cheat 1 day every 10 lbs. lost. So, hopefully it won't take me forever to lose the weight. I realize it will take me longer but to tell the truth I am pretty happy with how things are going.

Monday, May 30, 2011

VLCD 13 -14 Happy Memorial Day!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 177 (lost .5 lb, total of 12.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I am not following protocol right now nor will I be for the next few days. I cheated BIG time Saturday and plan on cheating all day again today. However the next couple of days I will be fasting (and praying) for a specific need. I will also be fasting 3 days in July. (We fast 3 days every January and July.) I am curious to see how fasting effects me on this diet. I will keep you posted.
Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

VLCD 12 - GAIN!!!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 176.5 (gain .5 lb, total of 12 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

Well, I gained .5 lb. I went out of town to some friends house last night and as soon as we got there they ordered us pizza! They had no idea I was on a diet. I was starving and ate 2 pieces. Then we went out for frozen yogurt! :(
It's not gonna be a good diet weekend for me. We have to go out of town again today (all day) to help another church outreach and they always feed us. Then Monday is our church's annual picnic. Plus its that TOM. I may be doing a steak day soon! I guess if I planned better I wouldn't be in this predicament. But really I don't care if I am on hCG for the rest of my life ( a slight exaggeration) - I am going to lose the weight!...........eventually *sigh*

Friday, May 27, 2011


starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 176 (lost 1 lb, total of 12.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

Down another pound. I ate pretty well yesterday. I got a Southwest salad at McDonald's for lunch - I had never had one and I regretted it as soon as I opened it. They put their own dressing on it and it tastes a little sweet. It also has Doritos type chip strips on it - I picked off as much as I could and only ate about half the salad - but ate all the chicken. For dinner I had rotisserie chicken and an apple.
My kids roasted hotdogs and made smores in the backyard :( I stayed inside - far away!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

VLCD 10 - Stall

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 177 (no loss or gain, total of 11.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

It was not a very good day yesterday. I cheated. I bought a 2 cheeseburger meal from McDonald's and ate it all! I planned on not eating anything else for the rest of the day - and I didn't but I ended up getting a headache -of course! I took pain medicine but it didn't help and I went to bed throwing up and throwing up again at 1:30 a.m. I didn't take my evening hCG AGAIN. Needless to say the cheat was NOT worth it. I guess if I'm gonna cheat I need to continue to eat protocol foods afterwards to keep from getting sick. Luckily there was no gain. I still don't feel very good today though. 
Lesson learned.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VLCD 9 - Movin' on down

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 177 (lost .5 lb, total of 11.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I think I forgot to take my hCG last night.
I am going to pick up some potassium/magnesium supplements tomorrow because I am experiencing muscle fatigue. I can hardly fold a shirt without my arms getting tired, weak and sore.
Other than that doing pretty good. I am anxious to hit 175 - haven't weighed that in about 2 years. Then I will have 25 more lbs to lose to hit my first goal. I doubt I will make 150 lbs this round but the closer I get the better.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VLCD 8 - I want JUNK!!!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 177.5 (lost 1 lb, total of 11 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

Oh boy I struggled yesterday! I wasn't really hungry I just wanted junk food. I wanted ice cream and cookies and to just pig out! I think it may be PMS. I don't know. I do plan on continuing the hCG through that TOM. We'll see how it goes. I want to say that even though I wanted to I did not pig out. I did have about 10 mini marshmallows and a big bite of broccoli cheese rice (my family's dinner) but other than that I was pretty good.
The things I ate off protocol were: sugar free, fat free jello, a baby dill pickle (maybe 2 - can't remember), 1 Lindt dark chocolate, 1 Lays potato chip. I guess I'm not very good at this diet but at least it's still working!
I am having issues with Blogger today - forgive me if I don't respond to comments for a while. I'm trying!

Monday, May 23, 2011

VLCD 7 - A Good Day!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 178.5 (lost .5, total of 10 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I upped my hCG dose just a tad. I was feeling hungry all day - not starving but hungry. I was taking .5 mL and I upped it to .55 mL and what a difference! I finally was not hungry! I ate lunch at noon but didn't eat dinner until 9pm and even then I probably could have just gone to bed and been fine but I was feeling hungry by this time so I ate some cottage cheese, 2 baby dill pickles and an apple.
Thank you all who have been leaving comments and e-mailing me. I really appreciate the support and encouragement. I do reply back to you - so if you don't normally go back and read the comments after leaving one you might want to.
I also updated my measurements after 1 week. There were some changes - which is nice! Still not feeling any slimmer and my clothes aren't fitting any better yet. But I hear it takes about 5 more lbs for that.
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

VLCD 6 - I cheated...

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 179 (no change, total of 9.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

Yes, I cheated. I ate spaghetti and french bread for dinner with my family. I guess you could say it was a planned cheat. After I got sick the other night and I ate off protocol (nice way of saying I CHEATED!) I felt really good the next day and decided maybe it was a good thing I ate. So I thought I might do that every few days or so because it might help me stick to the diet longer and feel better every now an then.
Sundays are very busy days for me too and the extra energy has really helped so far. I didn't lose or gain so maybe I have been lucky so far but if I cheat every now and then and end up gaining big time then I will re-evaluate.
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

VLCD 5 - WOOHOO FINALLY under 180 lbs!......go me, go me

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 179 (lost 1 lb, total of 9.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I know God is really helping me too. Thank you Jesus!
I can't wait to weigh 175 - I haven't weighed that in a couple of years. And to consistently weigh under 180 (like throughout the day) would be nice too. I am so excited. I actually had a piece of Lindt dark chocolate yesterday too! I only plan on doing that once a week or so.
I bought some Whey protein at Walmart and I am looking forward to trying that. I will replace my protein with that once and see how I lose. I have read that some people lose really well on that. I'll let you know!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 180 (lost 1 lb total of 8.5 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

Yesterday was much better. I had more energy and wasn't as hungry. I started taking my hCG a little later in the day and think that helped some. I also ate cottage cheese along side a piece of chicken and realized later I should have had it instead of the chicken. Oops! Oh well still lost!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

VLCD 3 - NOT Good!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 181 (lost .5 lb)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I was so sick yesterday. It was not a good diet day for me at all. I was hungry all day and I ate everything I was allowed but got a bad headache. (I think I mentioned earlier that I get headaches if I don't eat or don't eat enough.) I was throwing up at church that evening. I ended up eating way off program and still went to bed sick. I didn't take my hCG last night because I was already feeling like I might throw up. I did still lose half a pound and I will try again today but I am going to start researching the rogue style of the diet and see if I can't do something different.
I have been taking Excedrin everyday with lunch to fight off headaches and up until yesterday it has been working.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 181.5 (lost 2 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

2 more pounds lost! I guess me scale only weighs to the the half pound. I didn't know this. I am not going to go out and get another scale right now - I just bought this one about a month ago before I knew I would be doing hCG - and scales are expensive for a good one! So, maybe once I hit a stall I will go get one that measures to the tenth of a pound.
Things are going very well so far. One of my favorite dishes (off diet) are taco salad. I made that last night - minus the cheese, chips, beans and sour cream. So it was just meat and lettuce with my favorite hot sauce and it was still good! I was hungry at times yesterday - starving right before dinner but nothing too bad.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

VLCD 1- Holy Cow!!!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 183.5 (lost 5 lbs)
current goal weight - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I lost 5 lbs in one day!!! Yipeee! I weighed myself before I went to bed last night and had already lost 2 lbs from that morning. Overnight I lost 3 more! I had a hard time eating all my food too - I didn't quite get it all down. Not because I wasn't hungry - I was. I just could not stuff another bite of salad in my mouth. I drank some hot tea and then a cold bottle of water and it helped with the hunger quite a bit. I don't know what I am going to do because I hate veggies and I just can not eat all this salad - its a lot! I went to eat my lunch yesterday and I filled my bowl 2 and half times with salad and steak!
So my starting weight was 187 but after loading I was 188.5 and this morning I was 183.5. I am so excited :)
Thank you all for following the blog and for your comments and support!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Post Loading

I started out at 187 lbs next day was 185.5 lbs. I didn't really count it as a loss because I was loading and I knew it could go up or down and up it went. Today - after 2 days of loading I weigh 188.5! Bummer :(
I guess I was hoping for another loss - oh well.
VLCDs start today. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loading Day 2

starting weight - 187
current weight - 185.5
goal weight - 135

I am not feeling as tired or as grouchy as yesterday. Thank God! I could not deal with being like that day after day. So, hopefully each day will be better. I also haven't experienced the energy boost from the B12 that I have heard people talk about. Bummer :(
It is extremely difficult to hold the drops under my tongue for longer than a couple of minutes before I swallow. It doesn't taste bad but my family say it smells pretty bad. I also keep forgetting to not eat or drink for 15 minutes.
My husband says that my body is very hot to the touch after taking the hCG. He thinks maybe my body is "burning" the weight off. I don't know about that. But whatever works!
Went to KFC buffet for lunch and made everything as fattening as possible - adding gravy to the potatoes, and eating dessert - something I don't normally do.
I have been grilling my food and portioning it out for next week. Not looking forward to the low cal days but definitely looking forward to dropping some weight!
I decided my first goal would be 150 lbs. That was my goal to begin with but I do ultimately want to get down to 135. It may take me a couple of rounds.
God bless!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loading Day 1 - Already Screwed Up

starting weight - 187
current weight - 187
goal weight - 135

This is going to take some getting used to! I took my hCG and tried to wait 10 minutes before swallowing.  Yeah - made it 2 minutes and I HAD to swallow. I was afraid the taste would be terrible (it wasn't bad at all) and I was also a little worried the hCG mixture would make me sick to my stomach so I immediately ate some cereal. As I was eating I remembered I'm supposed to wait 15 minutes before eating. Crap! Oh well - too late now. I am looking forward to the energy boost the B12 is supposed to give.

3:34 pm
Well, I've been really grouchy and after lunch - about 1pm - I got extremely sleepy. Even my husband noticed my mood swings and if this keeps up I know he'll make me go off the diet. I still feel like I could lay down and sleep the rest of the day away. I don't know if this is because of the hCG or not. I'm gonna research it in a bit. I ate at the Pizza Hut buffet and ate way more than I normally do so I don't feel hungry right now at all but we are going to go out later and get some ice cream. I know I'm not eating as much fat as I should be. Its hard to do and I am so sleepy................

I didn't do a very good loading day. But I did go to DQ and get a DoubleStuft Oreo blast. It was yummy! And fattening!
I was pretty sleepy all day from 1pm on. I did check and lots of people have problems with tiredness and grouchiness on hCG. If this keeps up I will have to do just 25 day rounds instead of 40 days.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Loading Day 1 Tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited!!!! Can you tell!?
Getting ready to mix up my hCG right now.
I have been eating whatever I want whenever I want for the last couple of weeks because I knew I would be going on this diet. Wish me loading luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick note

I found a forum I love and wanted to share it. I'm sure there are lots more out there but so far this one does what I need it to. You can type a few words in the search box and it will bring up other conversations that have already taken place so you can see what others have to say about it without starting a new thread.
For example, I wanted to know if I could use Sweet-N-Low on Phase 2 so I typed in Sweet-N-Low and read what others had to say. I found that some people use it with no problems but others prefer not to.
Here's the link:

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I feel before hCG

This post is more for my benefit than anything. I want to be able to look back and see how I changed physically and emotionally. (Can you tell I have high hopes for this diet! )
Before hCG:

aching back
pain in knees when walking up stairs
pain in feet
sweating in between rolls of fat (gross!)
bad posture
haven't worn shorts in years
sleeveless shirts embarrass me because of my fat, flabby arms
don't enjoy shopping for myself
don't feel sexy AT ALL
hate pictures
always wear black or brown

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just checking in..... let you know I'm still here. I am starting hCG in 6 days! I can't wait! I will go shopping for all the food thursday or friday and I plan on weighing it and separating it out ahead of time so I don't have any excuses to cheat! I do plan on going just a little rogue on phase 2. I have 50 lbs to lose! 
One of my main goals is to wear a sundress. I have always admired sundresses and I have always wanted to wear one but never have. My hubby likes them too but has never seen me in one. I told him if I get down to 135 like I want - he can buy me one :)
Wouldn't this be a cute one!? - And notice it's NOT black!

I'll be back  to let you know how Day 1 of loading goes. Planning lots of all-you-can-eat buffets!

Friday, May 6, 2011

how I mix my hCG sublingual drops

This woman looks fantastic after hCG! I encourage you to visit her VLOG and see her transformation on youtube: (
I followed her advice on where to order the hCG and I am following her directions on how to mix it.


Before hCG - and hopefully never again....

   I have always been "chunky" since I was about 8 years old. Not really fat but chubby. I weighed about 130lbs in 6th grade. In 10th grade I was 155lbs. I actually started smoking cigarettes when I was 18 because someone told me it would help me lose weight - it did. But obviously not in a healthy way. I got down to 137lbs when my husband left for Iraq. It took me 8 months to lose 40 lbs.
   Any woman who has had a miscarriage knows it is more difficult to lose weight after a miscarriage than it is to lose weight after having a baby. I had 2 miscarriages and got pregnant a 3rd time. This time I finally had a viable pregnancy and after my daughter was born I immediately lost 20 of the 30 extra pounds I had gained but I still hadn't lost the weight from the previous miscarriages. I was now at 175 lbs. We moved and life got busier and we started getting food on the run or going to fellowships where food was fattening and plentiful. I gained another 10+ pounds.
   The past year I joined a gym and Weight Watchers but for some reason I have a hard time sticking to WW for more than a couple of weeks.
I went to GNC and looked at their dietary supplements. I found a bottle of hCG with a picture of Carmen Electra on it. I didn't buy it but instead went home and looked it up on the web. That is when I stumbled upon the hCG Protocol. I couldn't believe people were losing a pound A DAY on this diet! I researched for a couple of days before I ordered my own hCG but as I waited for it to come in the mail I kept researching. I am so excited to start this diet!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


My measurements as of 5/5/11:

Neck 14  3/4"      after 1 week: didn't measure

upper arms 13 1/2"      after 1 week: no change

chest (above breasts) 40 3/4"          after 1 week: 40"

bust  45 3/4"       after 1 week: 45"

waist (ribs) 38"         after 1 week: 37 1/2"

hips (including gut!)  44 7/8"          after 1 week: 44 3/4"

thighs  right - 24"   left - 25"       after 1 week:  23 1/2"  &  24 1/4"

calves  right - 15"   left - 14"      after 1 week: right  13 1/4"

I wear size 14 jeans, x-large shirt (I'm beginning to have to shop in the plus size area of stores), my bra size is 42D. I would like to get down to sz 8 jeans, medium shirt and 36C. I have been that size before so I know its possible :)
I also found that my "ideal weight" is 134 lbs to 138 lbs. (thanks Caitlin for the widget). This is a good thing to know because before when I got down to 137 I had people telling me I looked like I was anorexic - really I think they were just jealous! :)

After 1 week:  I don't feel any slimmer - even though I have lost 10 lbs since loading. My clothes aren't fitting any better. But I have heard that it takes about 14 lbs or so before you start feeling different. We'll see :)
P.S. I only measured my right calf out of curiosity. I had surgery on my right foot 3 weeks ago. I will update the other calf and neck later.

Some before pics

Facial view for future comparison. I just had foot surgery a couple of days ago so I have no makeup on and I'm in a lot of pain in these pics.