Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loading Day 1 - Already Screwed Up

starting weight - 187
current weight - 187
goal weight - 135

This is going to take some getting used to! I took my hCG and tried to wait 10 minutes before swallowing.  Yeah - made it 2 minutes and I HAD to swallow. I was afraid the taste would be terrible (it wasn't bad at all) and I was also a little worried the hCG mixture would make me sick to my stomach so I immediately ate some cereal. As I was eating I remembered I'm supposed to wait 15 minutes before eating. Crap! Oh well - too late now. I am looking forward to the energy boost the B12 is supposed to give.

3:34 pm
Well, I've been really grouchy and after lunch - about 1pm - I got extremely sleepy. Even my husband noticed my mood swings and if this keeps up I know he'll make me go off the diet. I still feel like I could lay down and sleep the rest of the day away. I don't know if this is because of the hCG or not. I'm gonna research it in a bit. I ate at the Pizza Hut buffet and ate way more than I normally do so I don't feel hungry right now at all but we are going to go out later and get some ice cream. I know I'm not eating as much fat as I should be. Its hard to do and I am so sleepy................

I didn't do a very good loading day. But I did go to DQ and get a DoubleStuft Oreo blast. It was yummy! And fattening!
I was pretty sleepy all day from 1pm on. I did check and lots of people have problems with tiredness and grouchiness on hCG. If this keeps up I will have to do just 25 day rounds instead of 40 days.

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