Thursday, May 19, 2011

VLCD 3 - NOT Good!

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 181 (lost .5 lb)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I was so sick yesterday. It was not a good diet day for me at all. I was hungry all day and I ate everything I was allowed but got a bad headache. (I think I mentioned earlier that I get headaches if I don't eat or don't eat enough.) I was throwing up at church that evening. I ended up eating way off program and still went to bed sick. I didn't take my hCG last night because I was already feeling like I might throw up. I did still lose half a pound and I will try again today but I am going to start researching the rogue style of the diet and see if I can't do something different.
I have been taking Excedrin everyday with lunch to fight off headaches and up until yesterday it has been working.


  1. Hey! I am so sorry you aren't feeling well.:( No fun! Have you checked out the un-HCG diet... I heard about it from Jen Payne and I will put more links on my blog too when I have some more time. It definitely might be something you would be interested in! :) Hope you start feeling better!

  2. Actually I have been reading your posts on that and looking into it. Thanks!

  3. VLCD 3 through 6 is very typically bad headache days. I am on loading day 2, and I know that headache stuff is coming ... ughhh I hope you feel better Marsha.