Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loading Day 2

starting weight - 187
current weight - 185.5
goal weight - 135

I am not feeling as tired or as grouchy as yesterday. Thank God! I could not deal with being like that day after day. So, hopefully each day will be better. I also haven't experienced the energy boost from the B12 that I have heard people talk about. Bummer :(
It is extremely difficult to hold the drops under my tongue for longer than a couple of minutes before I swallow. It doesn't taste bad but my family say it smells pretty bad. I also keep forgetting to not eat or drink for 15 minutes.
My husband says that my body is very hot to the touch after taking the hCG. He thinks maybe my body is "burning" the weight off. I don't know about that. But whatever works!
Went to KFC buffet for lunch and made everything as fattening as possible - adding gravy to the potatoes, and eating dessert - something I don't normally do.
I have been grilling my food and portioning it out for next week. Not looking forward to the low cal days but definitely looking forward to dropping some weight!
I decided my first goal would be 150 lbs. That was my goal to begin with but I do ultimately want to get down to 135. It may take me a couple of rounds.
God bless!

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