Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scary day!

I thought for sure our home and entire town were toast today. We were under pre-evacuation orders - meaning "be ready". We moved out more stuff and while we were loading stuff into a storage shed in town it got really bad. We went back to get another load and there was thick, black smoke everywhere. Then some friends called and said the radio was saying the fire was going to jump the highway in 20 minutes. We bolted! 5 minutes later the fire jumped. The entire town (Hereford) was so covered in smoke I thought for sure it was all gone.
Hours later, we found out our home is fine and so is our neighborhood. The fire came within less than 3 miles though. Many homes were lost on the one side of the highway but none on our side of the highway.
So far no one has been injured.
Tomorrow is another day - 35 mph winds.

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