Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monument Fire Day 4

This picture is taken less than 2 miles from my house.

We were pretty worried the fire would jump the highway. The fire was on the opposite side of the highway from us and if it jumped then we were definitely in danger. Well, it did jump. There was an elementary school where the fire crews had set up their HQ. They were sleeping in the gym, had tables set up under a large tent and many emergency vehicles. Once the fire jumped the highway (even though they had done some backburning to prevent this) the school was surrounded on 3 sides with 30ft high flames. Planes were literally dropping Slurry (fire retardant) on top of the school and the equipment. Needless to say HQ has moved to a different school now. As far as I know the school is fine and no people have been hurt thus far. The fire on this side of the highway was contained and put out -as far as I know. Also, I have heard 65 homes have been lost but that is a rumor that has not been confirmed.
Winds are supposed to pick up today from 5-10 mph (yesterday) to 15mph and up to 25 mph tomorrow. We are not out of the clear yet.
We did get everything out that we wanted/needed so if we are forced to evacuate I don't have to grab anything first.
For some reason things start happening about 1pm everyday. I guess because its the hottest part of the day and the wind starts picking up. I am nervous to see what happens today. My husband has been going to work and just relying on me to watch things and get out when we need to. I am thankful we were able to come back home last night. Police had the HWY blocked off at our intersection. They are still down there but it looks like they are letting people through.
It's a strange feeling. I want to stay in my house until I am told to get out. I don't really care if it burns down - I have my family, pets and pictures and other things of importance out of the house (or will have when needed). But I feel like I want to stay until I HAVE to go.


  1. My thoughts go out to you and your family! That is soo crazy stay safe!

  2. Thank you! They have brought in a group from Colorado to take over this fire. They are doing a pretty good job but said today it isn't going to go out anytime soon - unless we get rain - which won't happen til July unless God moves. Right now they are just trying to keep it from getting any more homes so it looks like it will ride the mountains until we get rain.