Monday, June 20, 2011

I hate not knowing

We had a couple of good days even with the high winds. Until yesterday. It crossed over the highway again and it burned a restaurant, bar and store at our intersection. We heard rumors of it being near our house on three sides but we don't know anything for sure. Hopefully later today we will know.
We had some friends live with us for a few months in December. We are all pretty sure their house is now gone. Luckily they were renting and they had renters insurance so everything they lose will be paid for. They also won't know for some time.
Fire is still spreading but winds have finally died down to a manageable level for the firefighters. They have called in the National Guard to help us with road blocks, etc. People are getting pretty crazy. One guy was arrested for ramming a police vehicle and running over a Border Patrol agent and almost hitting 2 others. He was trying to get to his mother. Law Enforcement did go check on her but he went to jail.

Last night

 The restaurant near my house

 Our housing area is on the left side of this photo - up near the fire

We have been going to the shelter to eat. We ran out of money early in the week from eating out. People are blessing us by sending us money and the shelter has been so amazing! They have given us food, free passes to a swimming pool for the kids and even a gift card to Walmart to buy them suits. Restaurants from all over town have been donating food to the shelter so we are well fed!

I would like to apologize to my followers and others that have come here to look for info on hCG. I have not been doing the diet for the last week. In fact my hCG is at home and I can not even get close to my home right now with the evacuation in place. This fire has taken over my life and even if I did have the hCG with me I am having to eat whatever they have at the shelter.

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  1. ha don't worry about the diet worry about your safety! I am just getting caught up on everything this is awful hopefully your family will come through everything well!