Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still not home

Our home is fine. In fact the fire burned all around it and hit the street next to us and burned a lot of houses from there on. God was watching over us.

Firefighters ripped our porch off the house in an effort to save our house in case the fire reached it. The roof overhangs the porch so the roof is falling off with the porch. They also sprayed our rose bushes down with some kind of retardant that made them look like they were covered in ice. There is smoke damage on the outside of the house. The inside smells like ash and there is ash on all the windowsills inside.
We have had a lot of trouble reaching our insurance agent. I've been trying for a week to get a hold of him and he won't call me. I've even spoken with his supervisor and everyone keeps telling me they are working on getting him to call me. I can't deal with any one else. I have been told not to move anything in and I can't move in until they send an adjuster out to assess the damage. So, I have had to extend my hotel stay another 5 days, thankfully they had rooms available.
I requested a new agent yesterday and I am supposed to hear from them today. I would really like to go home.

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