Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monument Fire

I have not been doing the diet for the last few days. A fire started Sunday about 10-15 miles away from our house and we began gathering important things (pictures, papers, etc) and loading them up. We didn't know if this would affect us or not but we wanted to be prepared. That same night my son started vomiting and then my 3 year old woke up from a nap with a fever and started vomiting too. I had to stay home from church was good because I could watch the fire and the news to know if we needed to evacuate.
I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was cleaning everything and eating whatever I wanted. I was a nervous wreck! But then I think everyone was.
Today (Tuesday) the fire is still going. It has burned 3700 acres so far. Last I heard it was still 0% contained but they have been doing some back burning which is working. It is coming towards us but I think we will be safe. They are working on keeping the fire in the mountains and if they can succeed at this we will be ok. But if the fire hits the ground we may be S.O.L. I'm really not sure they can contain this - if they can it will take days. 
They believe the fire started about 300 yards into Mexico near Smuggler's Ridge (tell you anything!). We have had helicopters and planes flying overhead since Sunday working on putting it out but they can only work during the day. 
I don't know when I will get back on the diet. I am enjoying eating what I want and feeling good. But I don't want to lose too much ground either.  

As of last night.

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