Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still stalling

starting weight - 187 (188.5 after loading)
current weight - 174 (.5 lb gain, total of 15 lbs)
current goal - 150
ultimate goal - 135

I am getting frustrated. I have been reading though, and know lots of people go through long stalls and plateaus. I don't know how long I can wait before I give up. I am very anxious to reach 170 though. I tried a steak day yesterday. I did great but didn't lose anything! AND I had diarrhea all day! And still no loss!?
I upped my hCG to 1 full mL! I was hungry all the time, grouchy, yelling at my poor kids. I felt sorry for them. I was nervous about upping it once again because I have read that too much hCG can make you hungry the same as too little can make you hungry. However, I made a mistake the last time I mixed it and accidentally added in 1 mL too much of the Coloidal Silver. Anyway, the 1 mL did great! I wasn't hungry during the steak day - my stomach growled a couple of times for a few minutes but it went away. I took some Excedrin with dinner and therefore was able to stave off a headache I felt coming on. It was a great day - too bad it didn't do anything!
I know you aren't suppose to do a steak day in P2 but I read (I know I keep saying that) that it works for some people so I thought what the heck. If I stall again today maybe tomorrow I will try an apple day. I really don't feel like I can eat apples all day long though. I am pretty sick of them already.

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